Here are some questions you could try to answer when writing a thanks or appreciation someone for his kindness, helping hands even gifts. It’s a very significant issue to appreciate for his any assistance or getting something. Because showing this appreciation is Politeness & morality.

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Message # 1:

“The gift you sent for my birthday is perfect!  It makes me smile to think about how thoughtful you are.”


Message # 2:

“From the inner of my heart, thank you for the group gift for my baby. It makes my baby so glad.”


Message # 3:

“Thank you for the most wanted one. I’m already using it and loving it. I really appreciate you thinking of me.


Message # 4:

“I love the water glass what you send. I’ll think you every time when I see it on my table.”


Message # 5:

“Thank you for the beautiful watch. I don’t know where you find such wonderful things!”


Message # 6:

“Thank you for your helping hand. You know me so well!” All the best.


Message # 7:

“I was so excited when I opened the new gift box. You knew exactly what I wanted.”


Message # 8:

“Thank you so much for the new alarm clock. I feel needing this really and you chose it that is perfect to me!”


Message # 9:

“All the best for your big and kind heart!” Thank you so much.

Message # 10:

“Wow! We are so touched by your gorgeous gift. It make me so glad. We’ll think of you every time.”


Message # 11:

“Thank you for adding to the joy of our wedding with your warm wishes and amazing gift.”


Message # 12:

“Thank you for the adorable watch. Can’t wait to send you a picture of wearing it!”