Wedding Invitation Messages, Wording Ideas and Inspiration

Everyone may agree that wedding is one of the most momentous celebrations in anyone life. Of course, people want to see their close relatives & friends at their weddings and send them glorious and unique wedding invitations to invite them to the special occasion. Now, the following message will help you the best wedding invitation SMS for friends & others. has a great unique collection of best wishes, message, quotes, SMS, text message, notes, image, greetings. The best site for free readymade sample messages, wishes and quotes to wish. The excellent examples of wishes, message & quotes. To get your desired wishes, message, quotes and greetings just click on

Wedding Invitation Messages, Wording Ideas and Inspiration

Message # 1:

You are cordially invited to our upcoming wedding, to celebrate the meeting of two loving one. We would want to see you at the ceremony and your sincere prayers on this occasion.


Message # 2:

My dearest friend, I could not but remember you on my wedding day. I certainly hope that you will give me the honour of attending my wedding.


Message # 3:

You are invited to be an honourable guest at my wedding ceremony. We are eagerly seeing you at our grand wedding.

Message # 4:

We warmly want to invite you and your family to attend our wedding ceremony. Come to see our ceremony and give us prayers for our next life.


Message # 5:

You should surely come to our wedding and witness the loving hearts being my ceremony.


Message # 6:

There are some important moments in life. For me, the wedding is the most important one. So, I want to invite you, my dear friend, to attend my and our partner’s special day.


Message # 7:

Dear friends, we want to invite you to the colorful wedding of our son. We promise to make the day to be memorable. Come and be witness to the ceremony.


Message # 8:

We are honored to invite you, dearest friend, to the wedding of our daughter, please come & glorify the day.


Message # 9:

My son who is about to start new experience in life and tie the joint with his future wife. In this weeding you are cordially invited.


Message # 10:

My dear friend, I would be grateful to you if you attend our most wanted wedding celebration. Come & honored me.

Message # 11:

Dear colleagues! I would be grateful you if you come to my special event – my wedding. Without you, the wedding ceremony will not be fulfil. Please come and celebrate this happy occasion together with us.


Message # 12:

Dear brother/sister I want to express my wish to see you on our special wedding day, and that is why I am sending you this message. I look forward to seeing you on this day because the ceremony will be less complete without you.


Message # 13:

We are inviting you to celebrate the day when we take our next large step in the relationship. We promise you that the wedding will be unforgeable. We would be really grateful if you came to celebrate our love together with us!


Message # 14:

Dear friend, we are informing you that you are invited to the wedding of our daughter. We are excited to see you on this important day.


Message # 15:

Dear friends, we would like to invite you to our wedding ceremony and bless us with your presence. We hope that you will make it to our special day.

Wedding Invitation Messages, Wording Ideas and Inspiration


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