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Message #1:

I don’t think anyone takes too long to think of a friend. Because life is really impossible without a friend. But there is a big difference between a friend and a close friend. It will happen. Because faith is needed. So everyone should protect the dignity of friendship.


Message #2:

Deep friendships turn into extreme animosity only when they misunderstand each other. In reality, there is no such thing as a friendship that is ruined and turned into enmity. And if something like that happens, it must be understood that it was not friendship.


Message #3:

Friend: The word is very small but the depth is as big as the sky. We are not alone in every step of life. It is almost impossible to walk without a friend. So if you are just a friend, you will not have to fulfill the full demand of friendship, you have to be a friend like a friend. Friends Never Die.


Message #4:

I will be lost, one day you will not find me in one corner of the sky, you will look for me that day, I will smile everywhere, and I will float that day


Message #5:

Friendship is the silver moon in the blue sky, which can be seen but not touched, friendship is a beautiful memory that can be remembered forever but not forgotten.


Message #6:

As a friend, I can’t help you, I can’t harm you. I can’t stay close, I can’t go away. I can’t remember, I can’t forget. I can’t love, I can’t hate. You can’t, you can’t do it. I spoke as a friend.


Message #7:

The color of the night is black, Josna gives light. The sky took on color, they sparkled. The color of the rose is red, our friendship will last forever.


Message #8:

A life is a story, a mind is a temple of love, a love is a golden dream, a reunion means a happy reunion, and a friend is the motivation to survive.


Message #9:

Some dreams of feeling good, touching the mind, some stories to like, life turns red, some people like to be friends, Roy, Even if you want to forget, it is not like forgetting him.


Message #10:

If someone really makes friends in his life with the mind then don’t let him get lost Tears may be wiped away but the tears of the heart cannot be erased in any way.