Spiritual Birthday wishes and message for Sister 

You can send this message or wish while wishing your sister a happy birthday. If you are not able to express your love in general, then this is the best way. You can show your sister how much you love him and how much he means to you with these messages.

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Message #1

“May your life be fragrant with the fragrance of flowers, May your life be joined by the brightness of the stars, your age is like the sun, Remember that the world always. In your birthday, you decorate the gathering like this, May this auspicious day come a thousand times in your life, And we keep saying “Happy Birthday” to you every time.


Message #2

The sun brought the light and the birds sang,

The flowers laughed and said happy, it’s your birthday.


Message #3

“Keep the lamp burning and shining;

You to us, we remember you;

As long as there is life, it is our prayer;

Keep smiling like a flower.

Happy birthday my dear sister.


Message #4

May the Lord send you his blessings on this birthday! I wish you great health, true love in your heart and unwavering faith in your soul! May all your wishes come true so that the world becomes kinder, brighter and more beautiful!


Message #5

May your heart rejoice and may your soul be filled with faith, may the Lord bless you and send you good hope on this bright and wonderful day, your birthday. I wish you peace and health, kindness and generosity, love and happiness.


Message #6

May the Lord bless and send you strength and good health, joy of soul and pure love of heart, faithful joy and bright hope on your birthday. May the angels keep you and help you overcome all the obstacles in life.


Message #7

I thank God that you are there, even today on the day of honor, I love you infinitely and wish you all the best in every circumstance. And remember that wherever you go, you are under his blessings!


Message #8

Dear sister when you came in our kingdom from that time we are still happy with you & you giving us a lot of happiness.  You are our Princess.   Happy birthday dear.


Message #9

Today is my little sister’s birthday, Many many congratulations to you on your most special day today, I am very happy about it, and wish you a very happy birthday.


Message #10

Today is your birthday, accept congratulations Wish you all the happiness my dear sister.  May your life be lit up with the light of success You have become a symbol of happiness and success, may your name be meaningful Our best wishes, may your every dream come true May your life be filled with flowers for all ages My heart’s prayer, life is your sandalwood Today is your birthday, accept congratulations May you get all the happiness, this is my prayer my dear sister.


Message #11

You are the person I hold closest to my heart. There is no one in the world that I care more about than you. I wish you a beautiful day today. Happy birthday!