Spiritual Birthday Messages for Mom 

Who doesn’t like to wish their mother a happy birthday or to wish her a happy birthday. The word mother is so sweet that when mother is called, the soul is overwhelmed. The most beloved and own person in the life of every human being is his mother. Many of us are hesitant to wish my mother a happy birthday. But I think my mother should be the first to wish her a happy birthday. Because the children have the most beautiful sacred and selfless relationship with the mother. To get more magical Readymade Sample Messages on different occasion you just go through our website www.wishEsms.com

Spiritual birthday messages for mom

Message #1:

Mother, you have taught me how to respect others, how to be kind to everyone, and how to love everyone as you’re own, and that too selflessly. I pray to God that I may follow your teachings for the rest of my life and pass them on to future generations. Lots of love and best wishes for your birthday, mother


Message #2:

I can forget the whole world,

Can’t forget that mother’s love

That you showered on me,

I love you so much!

Happy Birthday Mummy


Message #3:

There is only one court in this world where all sins are forgiven

And she is “mother”

Happy birthday to the best mom in the world…

Happy Birthday Maa.


Message #4:

He never had a badass on his lips,

There is only one mother who is never angry…

Happy birthday to mother


Message #5:

life is empty without mother

Every road is deserted in a lonely journey

It is important to have a mother in life

Mother’s difficulties are eased by prayers.


Message #6:

She is none other than just a mother!

Happy birthday to mom

You care, you shower love,

Sometimes you teach, sometimes you explain

Sometimes you save me and sometimes you become a support!


Message #7:

The way you gave me undying love

Break every bond and break your happiness

Attacked me in my heart too

I have so much respect for you!

Happy Birthday Maa.


Message #8:

keep on laughing you in the midst of thousands

As a flower blooms in the middle of springs

May you shine like this in the world

Like the moon in the middle of the stars!

Happy Birthday Mummy


Message #9:

Relationship with mother should be made something like this to be looked upon my relationship with him is something like this If he is sad, he should not even smile at us! Happy birthday to mom.


Message #10:

We love this special day every day which we never want to spend without you. By the way, the heart always gives you prayers. But say happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday Maa.

Spiritual birthday messages for mom