A wedding anniversary is a celebration that brings a lot of joy and happiness to our family. On this day married couples create many happy memories with new promises keeping in mind all the happy moments of their wedding time. The day of the wedding anniversary is also a very happy day for the couple’s family because on this day not only the two minds were reunited but also the two families were reunited. With this happy day in mind, we have brought you a happy wedding anniversary message.

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Message #1: 

Let’s stay in love, let’s stay blessed

Life with you is a sheer joy

Wish you a very Happy Anniversary

My husband, my lover, my cute college boy!


Message #2: 

Long after our anniversary and this greeting has been thrown away

Think of the thought behind it, Each and every day, Happy Anniversary my darling husband.


Message #3: 

My darling hubby you are so kind

You live in my heart, soul and mind

Wish you a Happy Anniversary love

May you be blessed by heavens above. I love you.


Message #4: 

There’s so much we have gone through and yet, without a doubt I say

You are the most wonderful man I have met

Thanks darling for coming my way

Happy Anniversary. It’s our time to celebrate this day.


Message #5: 

Love you dear, you work so hard to keep me happy. You are my special one.  Thanks god to give you in my life. Happy Anniversary dear husband. May life bless you with wonderful days.


Message #6: 

Your love makes days happy and bright.  With you near everything seems right Thanks dear husband for being you, for love, care and patience too. Happy Anniversary.


Message #7: 

Those who have not got till now have lost their lives, I got all that one by finding you…Wish a very Happy Marriage Anniversary my Husband. You are my all love you so much.


Message #8: 

Thank you for taking care of me and fighting with me. I will never get bored of being with you under one roof. Happy wedding anniversary to my dear husband.


Message #9: 

Keep you in my mind

This is my habit.

Some say love

So someone says worship…

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Love you Darling


Message #10: 

I held your hand, leaving your Babylonian court. We were both strangers to each other on Marriage made our lifelong meeting.

Happy Anniversary My Husband.