Romantic wishes are humorous written with funny quotes for the wife to bring a smile on her face and make her feel happier. The wishes are sent through nice text messages for the wife and also express the husband’s love for her. The wishes can be sent through gifts for the wife on New Year. Following are good samples of romantic messages for wife to choose from and send:


Message # 1:

“Dear wife, wish you a happy fourth wedding anniversary and wish you have the best celebration. With your love, I wish you always shine my world with happiness.”

Message # 2:

“Dear wife, I hope you forgive me for hurting you yesterday very badly. It was an unfortunate act on my part and I apologize to you for the same. Your love is much special and beautiful and I want you to be there for me always.”


Message # 3:

Happy anniversary wishes for my dear wife with love. I hope this time the party would be a good one with my friends too invited so that I show my gorgeous and loving wife I treasure so much.


Message # 4:

For my sweet wife, happy anniversary wishes especially for you to make my life more beautiful. I hope you arrange my favourite cuisine unlike last time where I had nothing favourite to eat.


Message # 5:

Lovely wife, I send happy anniversary wishes for you and funny gifts for the celebration. To have such a sweet lady like you in my life, I am much blessed and hope you shower your love always on me.



Message # 6:

“My lovely wife, I apologize for keeping you waiting in the morning for so long. I couldn’t make it on time and left you waiting. I seek sorry for that and hope you will forgive me. Your love which is truly beautiful would forgive me I know.”


Message # 7:

“To my wife, I send you all love and romantic wishes. I hope you get my wishes now and start getting something good to eat for me now that you got my love baby.”


Message # 8:

“I wish you a happy and wonderful anniversary celebration wishes through this text message. You are the best person of my life who has filled it with your abundant love always.”


Message # 9:

Happy anniversary wishes for my dear wife. I hope you continue to shower your love and affection in my life and also organize a grand gift for me on the anniversary party I asked for.


Message # 10:

Dear wife, do arrange a beautiful gift for me if you expect a good anniversary gift from me. I send happy anniversary wishes for you and am thankful to have a loveable and sweet person like you in my life.