Text your boyfriend and show him that you are thinking of him constantly. It will always be a surprise for him to receive a cute love SMS from his girlfriend! Find below unique ideas of cute love SMS for boyfriend and show the happiness in his face!

Message # 1:

There is no limit to our love. It reaches to the farthest galaxies and shines brighter than any star. I love you, always and forever!


Message # 2:

Yesterday I used to like you, today I like you even more, guess what, and I am in love with you.


Message # 3:

I fall short of words to tell you how much I love you.


Message # 4:

Out of all the things that I would be I will choose to be a tear to fall out of your eyes, trickle down your cheek and then end up on your lips.


Message # 5:

I know that we are going to meet in the evening but I want to know that still I miss you.


Message # 6:

Despite of putting a lot of effort into not thinking about you I end up thinking about you. I love you.


Message # 7:

Just the way we cannot see the sun when it is raining, I want to be there for you whenever you need me even when I am not there. I love you honey.


Message # 8:

The mere thought of you being there pacifies me, I love you.


Message # 9:

Dearest boyfriend, lovely birthday wishes especially for you. I hope you like the token of love I am sending you as a gift to showcase my never ending love feelings I have for you.


Message # 10:

Happy birthday wishes for my husband through this text. I am much lucky to have you in my life and I wish to celebrate your birthday spending lovely time with you.