Wish take care to boyfriend

It is the responsibility and duty of every human being to take care of their loved ones. Love teaches people how to care for the people around them. There are many different relationship in the world. In every different relations must have carefulness. Naturally a girl is vulnerable to a boy.

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Take care Wishes, Messages, greetings, Images and e-Cards for Boyfriend
  • Think tonight is just yours and mine. I look at the open window and think only of you. The deeper the night the more I remember you. Hope to see you soon and stay well. Take care my love.


  • The moonlight is going on it. Looks so beautiful like you. At that time it would be nice to have you. I feel your absence in every night. The boat of love is never sink. See you soon and take care of your health.


  • There is no other man in my life without you. If there’s one man in the world who just loves me, it’s you. There is love and endless care for you. Love you Sweetheart.


  • You are the man of my life who has filled my life with love and care. Your care and love for me makes me weaker towards you. You are the first love of my life.


  • You are one of my companions I can be proud of. Finding a boyfriend like you is really a matter of luck for every girl. Many thanks to God for sending you into my life, Darling.


  • Longing to see you dear but not possible at this moment. You and I are far apart. Even if you are far away. Your love is in the depths in my heart. Take love and take care of you.


  • I wake up in the morning thinking about you. Today is a special day in your relationship with me. In this day I specially like to take care of you.


  • You are my only recourse. Without you I cannot think a moment. I feel destitute without you. Your love has kept me alive. So love me forever, my Prince.


  • All the love in my heart is just for you. Be by your side and become a man of mind. Without you I am dark. Light up and enlighten my sweet heart.


  • I feel you next to me even though you are not by my side. My feelings to you makes me refresh and alive for every moment. Be good and take care of yourself, my darling.
Take care Wishes, Messages, greetings, Images and e-Cards for Boyfriend

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