Welcome quotes for guests

The welcome messages are framed for welcoming guests to events, societies/ communities or any other reasons/ occasions. A few samples of welcome messages for a variety of events or societies etc. are given below.

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Welcome message wishes and quotes for Guests

Message #1

Sometimes all you need is an awesome guest to make you feel complete in the family. I am really glad to see you. Welcome to my sweet home!


Message #2

The time we spend with you is always full of joy and happiness. Knowing that you will be with us, a smile appeared on our faces. Welcome to our home!


Message #3

It is a great pleasure and comfort for you to be with us in our home. We look forward to sharing some incredible moments together! Welcome home!


Message #4

You are one of the most beloved people in our family! The moments we spend with you are always full of fun, wisdom and joy! Welcome to our home!


Message #5

Welcome! We warmly welcome you to stay in our home! We will definitely enjoy the time to the fullest!


Message #6

We look forward to this time of year when you will come and spend your holidays with us! Welcome back, dear! Your company is always a joy!


Message #7

Home guests are always a sign of good luck in the near future. I bet you can easily see happiness in my eyes! My dear welcome!


Message #8

If you want to make the most of your vacation, be a guest or a guest host! I am more than happy to do the latter. Welcome to my house!


Message #9

I welcome my esteemed guests, family members and friends to my favorite daughter’s birthday party. I would like to thank all of you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to mark your presence for that. I hope you are going to enjoy the party celebration.


Message #10

Dear guests, I warmly welcome all of you to join us. We value your efforts and we cherish your presence. I hope you are going to enjoy my daughter’s wedding ceremony, please bless her for her happy future. Welcome!


Message #11

Dear guests, we at Fairview Henderson Charity, welcome all of you to be a part of the community and help the cause we are supporting today.

Welcome message wishes and quotes for Guests


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