Welcome message for new friend

The welcome wishes for a new friend can be sent to welcome the friend to a group or an association where the other friend may be together. Find samples of welcome messages listed here.

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Welcome message, wishes and quotes for my new friends

Message #1

To my new friend, I welcome you to a beautiful friendship with us and create sweet memories.


Message #2

I would have limited friendship to what I knew and experienced. But now with you I know there is more to it, welcome to my life, hoping to have you forever there.


Message #3

Welcome new friend to our group of close buddies. I look forward to you sharing good memories together in this lovely background we all live in.


Message #4

Welcome new friend, I hope you will enjoy the best and beautiful friendship relationship with me.


Message #5

I welcome the lovely new friend to the new neighbourhood. The locality has a beautiful park across the street and I would look forward to seeing you there for playtime.


Message #6

Welcome! I cherish every moment we spend together, so let’s create more memories!


Message #7

Welcome to our joyful group. We hope you have a long term strong association with us and our group and you avail the benefits of the group membership well.


Message #8

My new friend, I welcome you with abundant joy in my heart! You are so special to me!


Message #9

A very warm welcome to you! You are a wonderful person and I am so lucky to meet you.


Message #10

Welcome home my new friend. I wish you enjoy the warmth and love of your home and look forward to see more of you in coming years.

Welcome message wishes and quotes for my new friends


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