For parents, the death of their beloved son can cause their otherwise perfectly happy world to come crashing down. The family members are left writhing in agony. The awful heartache makes life incredibly challenging for all of them. And it is in these tough moments, that they need your support. While it’s true that no words can ever mend the hole in their hearts, letting them know that you are going to be there for them comforts their broken soul. If a friend or a family member is going through this difficult phase, then here’s how you can show your sincerest sympathy to the bereaved family. To get more magical Readymade Sample Messages on different occasion you just go through our website


Message # 1:

Tough times have befallen you. The sudden loss of your only son is indeed rather unfortunate. May God grant you the strength to overcome this difficult phase in your life.


Message # 2:

Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. The love and joy that this child brought to us all is something I will forever miss and treasure. I am very sorry for your loss. With sympathy.


Message # 3:

With deepest sympathy no words can express the pain that you are going through and my prayer for you is that God will give you strength to face the coming days ahead without this lovely child.


Message # 4:

“Although I didn’t know your son well, I have only heard incredible things about his generosity and kindness towards others. I am thinking of you during this difficult time.”


Message # 5:

“It was truly an honor to be your son’s friend, and I will miss him every day.”


Message # 6:

“I feel truly lucky that I was able to have as much time as I did with your son, and I will always cherish those special memories.


Message # 7:

“I am here for you at any time and would like to support you in whatever way you are comfortable with.”


Message # 8:

“My heart is heavy knowing that your son is no longer with us.”


Message #9:

“I know how incredible your relationship was with your son and I am beyond saddened knowing that he has passed away. Know that he will be missed by many and I am here for you. I would like to pick up your weekly groceries for you if you’re comfortable with me doing so.”


Message # 10:

Your son was born with this extraordinary capacity to leave a profound impact on everyone around him. His unfortunate death has left us all heartbroken. We shall all miss him terribly.


Message # 11:

Your son was an irreplaceable character. With his unique wit, he had a flair for drawing people towards him. We will all miss him terribly.