Did you hide something from your friend? It is true that just like in any other relationship, fights and misunderstanding is also a part of friendship. In case there is something bothering you and you want to express how sorry you are for lying to your friend, then you have come into the right spot. Go ahead and say sorry to your dearest friend by using the following collection of samples sorry messages for friends after lying. To get more magical Readymade Sample Messages on different occasion you just go through our website www.wishEsms.com

Message # 1:

I’m sorry for all the lies. It hurts you and I understand if you cannot forgive me yet. But please always remember that I only did it because I care for you. I’m sorry.


Message # 2:

I know you hate liars but I know I just did what is right. If I hurt you, I want to say sorry. I don’t want to lose a friend like you. I hope we can talk soon and work this out.


Message # 3:

I want you to know how sorry I’m. I feel bad but believe me that I had no choice, keeping the truth in me is the only way to protect you. I hope you will understand me then. It is not my intention to hurt you. You are my friend and I love you. I’m very sorry.


Message # 4:

I’m sending you this message to transform your day into a colourful day. I know there still anger in your heart but I just want to take it all away. Can we still be friends? I’m sorry for telling a lie.


Message # 5:

I don’t know how but I want to gain your trust again. I need to hide the truth from you for some reasons. The situation was very complicated, I hope you understand. I did it not just for my own good but for you too. Again, I’m sorry!


Message # 6:

If you add a little bit of salt in too much sugar, it still remains sweet. Our friendship is just like that. I may have done some silly mistakes but I don’t hesitate to say that I am sorry!


Message # 7:

My world is all dark and dull when you don’t have the smile in your face. I know it is because of me that you are so upset. I have sorry dear friend. Please smile now!


Message # 8:

Belated happy birthday to my ever dearest friend! I’m sorry if I’m late but I just hope I made you smile with this message. Belated happy birthday and I’m sorry if I forgot your birthday.


Message # 9:

If I missed out your birthday last week, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you anymore. Belated happy birthday and I’m sorry if I forgot your birthday.


Message # 10:

I’m sorry or this late birthday message. I promise to make it up to you. Actually, I want to treat you later. I will call you, ok?