Sister funeral flowers

The loss of a sister is a much painful Condolence wishes sent with the funeral flowers for sister’s funeral can be sent through cards along with notes of memories shared with the sister. Following are some of funeral flower text messages for sister: has a great unique collection of best wishes, message, quotes, SMS, text message, notes, image, greetings. The best site for free readymade sample messages, wishes and quotes to wish. The excellent examples of wishes, message & quotes. To get your desired wishes, message, quotes and greetings just click on

Message #1:

My beautiful sister! She was such a lovely lady! I always felt her love. May she rest in peace.


Message #2:

Sending prayers of comfort during this sad time. Your sister was a bright and cheerful glow in many lives, she will surely be missed by many.


Message #3:

I send funeral flowers for my beloved sister. I will miss you, my beloved sister. I pray to Lord to bless your soul with eternal peace.


Message #4:

Our deepest condolences go out to you at the loss of such a truly beautiful person. May the memories you shared keep your sister alive in your hearts forever.


Message #5:

Sending you my deepest condolences and funeral flowers wreath on your funeral. Your sudden demise has saddened me a lot. May Lord bless your soul with eternal peace.


Message #6:

You were a favorite part of my childhood. Love you always, my sweet sister.


Message #7:

Sending you funeral flowers and wishes for you, my dear sister. I am deeply saddened by your demise. May your soul rest in peace.


Message #8:

We meet a lot of people. But no one is as special or will ever be, as my dear sister was and always will be to me.


Message #9:

If I had to think of a special friend, I’d think of someone near and dear who filled my days with joy, my sister.


Message #10:

Sleep peacefully my beloved sister, you will live on forever in my heart.


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