A lovely day spent with your loved ones and family is well spent, and the memories are cherished forever. Call the day with some of the most wonderful wishes and messages for your near and dear ones to remember throughout the lifetime. . Send him some of the loveliest wishes to tell him of your love. These good night messages will convey your love to him. There are good night message for my friend section for you to pick and choose.

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Message #1

I am so lucky to have such a great friend to feel thankful for every night before I fall asleep. Good night dear, I love you.


Message #2

Thank you for being the best. Sleep well. Wish I could be there to give you a big good night hug. Sweet dreams.


Message #3

Think of all the good moments from today and rest easy to be ready for lots of smiles tomorrow. Good night.


Message #4

Good night my dear love. Have a nice sleep.


Message #5

We are passing a great moment today. Now I feel you badly.

Message #6

Close your eyes and go to bed; all the good moments are to seen. Have a sweet night dear.  Wish you a great night.


Message #7

As the day turns into night, your worries out of sight. Close your eyes and go to bed; all the good moments are to seen. Have a wonderful sleep.


Message #8

Hope you are passing your day with a refresh mind and a grateful heart. Have a wonderful night’s sleep.


Message #9

Have a good night wherever you are. Now I feel you badly.


Message #10

Hope you fall asleep and dream of the most wonderful things, only to wake up and find them real. Good night darling.