Christmas is a festival occasion. It observe once in a year. So it is most wanting festival. On the occasion we normally offer wishes for our loving, friend and relatives.  Here some interesting message what anyone can send their loving one.

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Message #1:

You are my heart, you are breath, you my eye, and Christmas is knock at the door. I wishes, on this occasion, you will pass with me and will pass very romantic moment.


Message #2:

Occasions come and go, but you are my forever who never go. We enjoy our romantic moment on holiday.  On this Christmas I will give you touching heart gift.


Message #3:

My sweetheart I always miss you. I want you very close. But for being busy I can’t get this kinds opportunity.  But Christmas day we relax time and I can meet my desire moment with you.


Message #4:

Love is untouchable. It have to feel by heart. My feelings for you unending.  I always want you close with love, emotion, and feelings. Christmas day give us Opportunity to enjoy.


Message #5:

I wishes you sweetheart, the Christmas day brings prosperity, happiness, and success in life. We may pass our rest of life with love and beliefs each other.

Message #6:

My love for you as bigger as the sky. I always think about you. I want fly with like as birds. On this Christmas day, I wishes your life will fulfill with prosperity.


Message #7:

How much I alive, as long as I love you. You are my emotions. You are feelings.  I can’t forget you for a moment.  On this Christmas day, I will give you your favourite gift.


Message #8:

Love is everlasting, it never vanish.  My love for you forever.  Christmas is a festival occasion. On this occasion, I wishes that I can pass my rest of life with happiness.


Message #9:

My love for you like the river which flow forever. It never stop. I also love you like that. Last Christmas day we were introduced. From that my life are colorful. I love you very much my heart.


Message #10:

It may happen the water of sea dry, but the love in my heart never end. I love you by my heart. On this Christmas day, I wishes for your good health.