National statistics Day in Bangladesh

National Statistics Day is very much important to apprise the countrymen about statistics. ‘National Statistics Day’ was being observed for the 1st time with full of enthusiasms on 27 February 2021. This year National Statistics Day will be observed over the whole country 27 February, 2022 with colourfully. The theme of this year’s 2022 National Statistics Day is “Quality statistics is the staircase of better life (Gunogoto Porisongkhan Unnoto Jiboner Sopan), said a notification of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS). has a great unique collection of best wishes, message, quotes, SMS, text message, notes, image, greetings. The best site for free readymade sample messages, wishes and quotes to wish. The excellent examples of wishes, message & quotes. To get your desired wishes, message, quotes and greetings just click on

2nd National Statistics Day: wishes, quotes & message

Wish #1

Bring everyone together, raise awareness about the significance of statistics and build a happier and wealthy future with better data. Happy National Statistics Day.


Wish #2

Happy National Statistics Day all of you. Do proper statistical analysis and ensure right statistics on this day.


Wish #3

We should all keep in mind that statistics are now not just some numbers but also the key ingredients for the formulation of long term plans and development policies of a country. Happy National Statistics Day to all.


Wish #4

This day is a special opportunity to recognize those who perform to deliver reliable data, keep at to the principles of statistics, and build realistic, reliable and relevant data hub. Happy National Statistics Day.


Wish #5

On National Statistics Day, let’s celebrate the day colorfully and commit to provide the right information with encouragement for planning and policy establishment for the development of the country.


Wish #6

Be practical and informative. Do apply statistics to your daily life and work station. That’s way manage your every assignments through applying statistics. Happy National Statistics Day to all.


Wish #7

Statistics is a benchmark for the present life and the key ingredients in the formulation of right planning and development policies of a nation. So keep up it properly. Happy National Statistics Day.


Wish #8

For a better nation for the people, we need a reliable statistics. Provide right information and raise awareness all over the country. Happy World Statistics Day.


Wish #9

Happy National Statistics Day 2022. There is no doubt that statistical information plays the most vital rules for any kind of policy establishment and decision-making for the sustainable development.


Wish #10

Reliable, timely and trusted statistical data help us to understand the changing world and at the same way help us to adapt worldwide. Happy National Statistics Day.

10 Principles of Official Statistics  

Message #1 

Relevance, Impartiality, and Equal Access- Official statistics provide an indispensable element in the information system of a democratic society, serving the Government, the economy and the public with data about the economic, demographic, social and environmental situation. To this end, official statistics that meet the test of practical utility are to be compiled and made available on an impartial basis by official statistical agencies to honour citizens’ entitlement to public information. Happy National Statistics Day to all.


Message #2

Professional Standards, Scientific Principles, and Professional Ethics- To retain trust in official statistics, the statistical agencies need to decide according to strictly professional considerations, including scientific principles and professional ethics, on the methods and procedures for the collection, processing, storage and presentation of statistical data. Happy National Statistics Day to all.


Message #3

Happy National Statistics Day to all. Accountability and Transparency- To facilitate a correct interpretation of the data, the statistical agencies are to present information according to scientific standards on the sources, methods and procedures of the statistics.


Message #4

Prevention of Misuse-The statistical agencies are entitled to comment on erroneous interpretation and misuse of statistics. Happy National Statistics Day to all.


Message #5

Sources of Official Statistics- Data for statistical purposes may be drawn from all types of sources, be they statistical surveys or administrative records. Statistical agencies are to choose the source with regard to quality, timeliness, costs and the burden on respondents. Happy National Statistics Day to all.

2nd National Statistics Day: wishes, quotes & message

Message #6

Happy National Statistics Day to all. Confidentiality- Individual data collected by statistical agencies for statistical compilation, whether they refer to natural or legal persons, are to be strictly confidential and used exclusively for statistical purposes. Happy National Statistics Day to all.


Message #7

Legislation-The laws, regulations and measures under which the statistical systems operate are to be made public. Happy National Statistics Day to all.


Message #8

Happy National Statistics Day to all. National Coordination- Coordination among statistical agencies within countries is essential to achieve consistency and efficiency in the statistical system. Hope 2nd national Statistics Day of Bangladesh will ensure this fundamental principle of official statistics.


Message #9

Use of International Standards- The use by statistical agencies in each country of international concepts, classifications and methods promotes the consistency and efficiency of statistical systems at all official levels. Hope Happy National Statistics Day to all.


Message #10

Happy National Statistics Day to all. International Cooperation- Bilateral and multilateral cooperation in statistics contributes to the improvement of systems of official statistics in all countries.

2nd National Statistics Day: wishes, quotes & message


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