It’s a time to celebrate a birthday and we all have different perspectives when it comes to celebrating a birthday. Some like to party outside, some like to stay at home and enjoy with family, some like hanging out with friends and some like to party at home with close ones. Everyone has a different way of celebrating. Obviously, we don’t print invitation cards for such celebrations, so, we call friends by sharing the word of the birthday invitation via message. We have an amazing collection of birthday invitation words for different ages.

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Message #1:

If you want some relaxing time after a tiring day, take the chill pill for my birthday dinner. Don’t forget to come. Time and space are the same.


Message #2:

It’s my sweetheart’s birthday, and I want to welcome you all so she can have the best time with me and enjoy a delicious dinner.


Message #3:

On the happy occasion of my birthday, I request your presence at the dinner, to make the event bright and amazing. See you!


Message #4:

I invite you to my birthday dinner at my house. Enlighten the party with your presence. Give me the gift of your blessings and love!


Message #5:

I can’t enjoy my birthday dinner without your presence. So, without any excuse, come to my house to celebrate my birthday.


Message #6:

With your blessings, it’s my birthday, my brother is celebrating.


Message #7:

My dear friends, I’m getting one more year older by age and to add those numbers, please join us for my birthday dinner

See you.


Message #8:

A lot is going to happen this evening. This is my birthday dinner and you can’t miss the delicious items at dinner.


Message #9:

Today your friend has passed another year of life. Come soon to enjoy food, music and lots and lots of drinks at my birthday dinner.


Message #10:

For all my stingy friends who can’t celebrate birthdays for me, come to my house to cool down and keep all the things you like.