International workers day wishes 

May Day or International Workers’ Day is observed on May 1 all over the world today to commemorate the historical struggle and sacrifices of the work on people to establish an eight-hour workday. It is a public holiday in almost all the countries of the world. Since the Industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe and the US, the workers in mills and factories had been working a long shift, fourteen or even more hours a day. The events of May 1, 1886 are a reminder the workers will continue to be exploited until they stand up and speak out to gain better working conditions, better pay and better lives.

International Workers’ Day wishes, Messages and Quotes

Message #1:

Your hard work and your dedication have helped to build the nation. Happy May Day.


Message #2:

You have a great time ahead. Happy Labour Day.


Message #3:

Sending you these pretty May blooms to say… Have a Happy May Day.


Message #4:

Happy May Day 2021.


Message #5:

Wishing you a May Day that is bright with happy moments!


Message #6:

: May your days be as bright as the flowers of May. Happy May Day to you.

Message #7:

On This very Labor Day 1st May, I wish You, My Dear Friend, Happy Labor Day 2021. We are not think our happiness if Labor is not in this earth because they do all thing for us. They are very precious for ours, Happy Labor day to all.


Message #8:

A skilled worker, is a treasure everywhere in the world. Happy May Day.


Message #9:

“Hands to Hands, We should Raise our Voices, for their Rights, They have the right to make their own choices. Happy May Day.


Message #10:

Your hard work & dedication helped to build the nation, we are grateful to you,  Happy Labor Day.


Message #11:

Let’s celebrate the Labor Day, They built up this beautiful land from field to field carefully.


Message #12:

They built it hand in hand. Happy Labour Day.

Message #13:

Happy Labour Day, Remember that our labor work hard but we should not deprived them their rights. Happy May Day.


Message #14:

Your Hard work & your dedication Have helped to build the nation May you have a great time ahead Happy Labor Day.


Message #15:

This May Day should have carries reputation as a hard worker is a good reputation for them. Happy May Day.


Message #16:

We should consider our labor as our real heroes. They are our pride. Happy May Day.


Message #17:

Happy May Day. Labor are the greatest architecture of the world. They create us our earth so nice. We are grateful to them.


1. বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখ মুজিবুর রহমান- “শ্রমিকদের সম্মান দিয়ে কথা বলুন,তাদের পরিশ্রমে আমার আপনার বেতন হয়”.