I Miss You messages for Girlfriend

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I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend

Message #1

I am missing your lovely hug, I am missing your beauty face, and I am missing your sweet kiss. Please come back soon my fairy.


Message #2

When I close my eyes, I can only see one face. When I be thoughtful, it’s only for you. I am really missing you so much my dear.


Message #3

My dear, I can’t truly live without you. You are my soul and I am mixed with you. I really need you near me. I miss you a lot.


Message #4

It’s really very hard to live without you. Every moment I feel you badly. Please come back to my life. I miss you a lot.


Message #5

I miss you with every breath that I take. When you near me I feel so happy and peach but when not feel very lonely and sad. Miss you my darling.


Message #6

I miss you each day and night moreover every moment, my dear. It’s really as tough as you are out of my sight.


Message #7

I am so helpless without you, I am so lonely without you. Please come back and enlighten my life. Miss you a lot.


Message #8

Nights have become sleepless and days have become sleepy since you have gone away. Please come back soon. I miss you badly, darling.


Message #9

I still remember the time when you were with me, I still remember those moments when you with me. I miss you so much. Come back please my sweet heart.


Message #10

Baby, without you I am not complete at all. You are my happiness, my encouragement. I feel you each moment. Miss you every second.

I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend


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