I miss you message for him

Relationships between husband-wife are beautiful and precious. But sometimes they have to face simple fights and unexpected arguments that cause little distance. So don’t be late to send a miss you message to your handsome husband that time. Here are some heartfelt messages if you are looking for I miss you message for you Husband.

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I miss you message for him

Message # 1:

Do you feel it? Can you hear it? Can you remember it! That is my heart, waiting for you. I miss you, my sweet husband.


Message #2:

I can do so many thing in my life. But I am realizing without you everything is meaningless. I feel you every second, every moment.  I Miss you sweetheart.


Message #3:

Your hug can make my mood better in always, and I want it till the end of the death. Please come and hug me love.


Message #4:

My dear prince, I miss you with every breath that I take. When you around me I feel so lucky and happy but when not feel very lonely and sad. Miss you badly.


Message #5:

I am so lucky to be your wife. Your everything is so perfect.  When you away of me I miss your presence badly.


Message #6:

Missing you isn’t painful for me because I know you are always with me. I enjoy your every touch my handsome.


Message #7:

This birthday would be more special if you beside me. Celebrating without you is colorless. I miss you so much in my birthday.


Message #7:

My dear handsome, I see you with my closed eyes in my every breath. Miss you, my lovely husband.


Message #9:

You are my sweet night where I do not miss anyway a single day. Good night my darling.


Message #10:

I miss your charming smile, I miss your soft touch and I miss your lovely smell. I love you more than I, my dear husband.

I miss you message for him
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