Friends are an important part of life. If you’ve got someone who connects with you on more levels than one, who understands your unuttered thoughts, who is there when no one else is, then you’re blessed. Such people ought to be celebrated at every opportunity. You should hold them close and never let them go. Use any of the heartfelt  Best friend text messages in this collection to wow your friend. To get more magical Readymade Sample Messages on different occasion you just go through our website


Message # 1:

The difference between living a good life and living a great life lies in having awesome friends like you. I love you.


Message # 2:

You love me the most when everyone else hates me. You believe in me the most when everyone else looses faith in me. You trust in me most when even I can’t trust myself – you are the best.


Message #3:

I’ve got your back always just as I know you’ve got mine. Best friends forever, that’s what we are.


Message #4:

You’re the only one who understands my deepest fears even without me having to voice them out. You’re my best friend.


Message #5:

I trust in your amazing capabilities. If there’s anyone who can deliver on that job, it is you. Go ahead and show them the stuff you’re made of.


Message #6:

No one can compete for your space in my heart. No one comes close to loving me the way you do. You are special.


Message #7:

Thank you for always giving the very best of yourself, in words and in deeds.


Message # 8:

I’m sorry for making you feel bad. Please let’s forget the wrong done and be friends again.


Message # 9:

I consider you my best friend. No one else deserves that title. The cap fits you perfectly.


Message #10:

If you weren’t my best friend, you’d be my sister/brother. We go way beyond friends, we’re blood.