How to thanks boss for promotion? 

Expressing gratitude for being promoted from your work can be very scary. You want to share your appreciation with your boss from the promotion without rubbing people in the wrong way. Everyone hates a suck, especially if they are recently promoted. So instead you have to give the right thought with a thank you message. To get the message straight but with full purpose, here are 10 best thank you messages that you can send to your boss thanking you for the promotion. has a great unique collection of best wishes, message, quotes, SMS, text message, notes, image, greetings. The best site for free readymade sample messages, wishes and quotes to wish. The excellent examples of wishes, message & quotes. To get your desired wishes, message, quotes, SMS, text message, notes, image, greetings on different occasions, you just click on

Message #1

Boss, thank you so much. Sir, we understand that supervising a number of different people with different temperaments is not an easy task, but you have done it without favoritism and with fairness to all. You truly are an honorable man, sir. Thank you.


Message #2

I very much appreciate the promotion that you have given me. I have learned so much from you and look forward to your continued guidance and help as I develop. Thank you for investing in me.


Message #3

My career has progressed so much since I started working here, and it is all thanks to you. Thank you for helping to develop the potential you saw in me, and thank you very sincerely for the promotion. It means a lot to me and my family.


Message #4

I want to express my gratitude for never failing to give me great advice, believing in me, and just being you. You taught me to go after what I want. I set goals and accomplish them. This was all because I knew how hard you worked, and I looked up to you. You are the greatest boss someone can ever have.


Message #5

I cannot thank you enough for the promotion and this opportunity to advance in this company. I am dedicated to helping this company succeed every single day and deeply grateful for the time you have invested in me. I will not let you down.


Message #6

Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity and promotion. I am so excited to get started, and I feel extremely motivated and encouraged by your support. I promise to do my utmost best in this new role.


Message #7

Thank you for recommending me to be the manager of the new team! I am looking forward to being a team leader and working alongside you. I am grateful for all the time you spent mentoring me and answering my questions about what it is like to be a manager here.


Message #8

This really means a lot. To be entrusted with this new opportunity truly means the world to me. I cannot thank you enough.


Message #9

For me, a promotion means: you trust me, you believe in me, and you see my potential. It’s not too much to say that I am honored by the opportunity and I will not let you down.


Message #10

Your leadership skills make it easy for you to manage our team, even with our diverse professional background. I’m proud to have learned some of these qualities from you. Thank you for guiding me professionally and personally!

how to thanks boss for promotion