Happy promise day to sister

I was an only child for about four and a half years. When my brother was born, I was given my first job. Being a big brother is a job that I will have for the rest of my life, even now that I’m in my twenties and he’s almost done with high school. This job comes with countless promises, but here are twenty of my promises to you, little sister. In this post, we have come up with a warm collection of Promise Day greetings for the sisters. With such inspiring promise quotes and messages to greet your sister, you definitely don’t need to look anywhere else

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Happy promise day to sister

Message #1

I promise to keep going to concerts with you in the blistering heat of summer, singing along and making sure we both have plenty of sunscreen so we don’t turn into lobsters.


Message #2

I promise to be honest with you and never (intentionally) leave you out of the loop.


Message #3

I promise to memorize the names of your friends so I actually know what you’re talking about.


Message #4

I promise to love you unconditionally for the rest of my life.


Message #5

The occasion of Promise Day reminds me that I must tell my brother that I will always be by your side. Make a very good promise for you.


Message #6

I promise to keep every single one of your secrets. They’ll never escape.


Message #7

I promise to drop everything for you if you need me. Work, class, friends, whatever. Family comes first.


Message #8

I may not make many promises to you but I am always going to keep the promises I made to you. Happy Promise Day to my dear sister.


Message #9

You are not making promises to random people but you are making promises to their special people because they deserve something special. Happy Promise Day to you.


Message #10

I promise I will help you with any questions you have about wooing that pretty girl. Unless you’re being weird.

Happy promise day to sister


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