Happy 4th of July Messages, Quotes & Wishes

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Independence Day of USA or Fourth of July

Wish #1

We are so blessed to be a citizen in a country which was independent and sovereign. We must be thankful for this to our freedom fighters who sacrifices for our country.

Happy Independence Day.


Wish #2

Independent Day is a day to keep in mind all those who sacrificed to get us free nation and establish us an Independent. Wish a very happy Independence Day.


Wish #3

Sending you a warm greetings on Independence Day. Wish you an amazing celebration of Independence Day with full of joy. Happy Independence Day.


Wish #4

The country which has broadly based upon the people’s will, it is found among the greatest one. Warm wishes Independence Day to all.


Wish #5

It is a matter of pride for any country to achieve independence. That is a great achievement for a country. Warm wishes on Independence Day. Let’s make it so special


Wish #6

We have no reason to hold up a man who has gotten real Independence because now he is a conqueror.


Wish #7

This is a country of various religions, languages and culture. All of us live here peacefully. Let’s celebrate our Independence Day cheerfully and colourfully through uniting ourselves. Wishing a very Happy Independence Day to you my dear.


Wish #8

We have been definitely seated upon the throne of supreme place with the achievement of independence.


Wish #9

Freedom means liberation from the shackles of subjugation. In order to fully enjoy freedom, every citizen has certain responsibilities and duties and they must be fulfilled. Warm wishes on Independence Day to all.


Wish #10

Wishing a very happy Independence Day to all of my countrymen. On the occasion of Independence Day my wish is that always walks on the field of development and fulfil its dream for making it an exemplary country for the rest of the world.


Wish #11

I will never forget the history of Independence because it has been written in my heart with the blood of mother and sister. Wishing you a colorful Independence Day.


Wish #12

We should all have patriotism in our mind. Because only patriotism can take the country to the highest peak of development. Warm wishes on Independence Day to all.


Wish #13

We may have much outstanding achievements but only the influence of Independence is the supreme bravery. Let us celebrate the occasion of independence of our homeland.


Wish #14

This freedom of ours in exchange of many bloods and lives. Today we are reverently remembering those who sacrificed their lives for freedom. Happy Independence Day.


Wish #15

The freedom fighters are unquestionably the ablest men  even among the crowned heads of anytime or ages. Wishing everyone on this special occasion.


Wish #16

We all know that it is harder to defend freedom than to gain it. So to protect freedom it is our responsibility to work harder with togetherness for the growth, development and happiness of our country. Wishing everyone on this special occasion.

Independence Day of USA or Fourth of July


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