Graduation daughter quotes

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Message #1:

Dearest daughter, Congratulations on your graduation! A whole new world full of possibilities is now open to you. We love you and pray for your continued success!


Message #2:

Dear daughter, today we are very proud of you. Your hard work finally paid off. Best of luck for the next step.


Message #3:

My beloved daughter, Congrats on graduating. May you become more sensible and use your knowledge for greater goods.


Message #4:

My little princess is a graduate now! Keep this going and breakthrough all your records. Mommy loves you so much. Congratulation.


Message #5:

My sweet girl becomes a graduate today. , I cannot express in words how happy and proud I feel. Congrats on your graduation.


Message #6:

Hope success keeps finding its way back to you. Congrats on your graduation. Mommy-daddy loves you so much.


Message #7:

Dear sweet daughter! You are beautiful as always. But today you are a knowledgeable and beautiful woman. We are so proud of you and congratulation on your graduation!


Message #8:

It’s a day to celebrate only. You have proved again that supporting you in every situation was the brightest decision I ever made. Congratulation.


Message #9:

We can remember your first day at school. Even it seems like just a few days ago. And today you have completed your graduation. We are very happy on your success. Congratulations from your parents!


Message #10:

Congratulations! The first thing that hit my mind after I heard of your graduation is that we really need to build a new house. I wish with all my heart that you will find a job quickly.


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