Good Night Take care Messages for Lover

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Good Night Take Care Messages for Lover

Message #1: 

It’s good if I get scattered in your breath, It is good if I can take my soul in your body. Some night I will sleep with my head in your lap, it is better if that night is never morning!  It’s a very lovely night dear.


Message #2 : 

When the night comes to make us sleep, we should accept it cause without sleep no man can stay fit & fine.  So please sleep timely at night.  Wish you a very good sleep.


Message #3: 

I Can Feel You Whisper In My Ear As I Drift Off And I Hope You Can Feel My Love As You Sleep Tonight. Good night dear


Message #4: 

Good Night My dear, For You May Be Away From Me Now, But You Will Be in My Heart Forever. I Know I Will Have Sweet Dreams Tonight, My Only Nightmares Are When You Are Away From Me.


Message #5: 

Some people’s company is only for a moment, some people’s realization is for a lifetime, never be disappointed my love Look up and see that there is someone who sleeps only after remembering you. Love you baby have a nice sleep

Good Night Take Care Messages for Lover

Message #6: 

Sleep with tears You sleep by lighting the lamp of my memories I’m afraid don’t take your sleep away You come and sleep in my dreams every day. Good night


Message #7: 

A picture appears in the evening’s shadow, then this thing comes out of the lips, When will you talk heartily to you, Every night passes by thinking like this…good night my dear love.


Message #8: 

It’s lonely weather and sad night. We’ve been separated since yesterday, what kind of message is that? Heartbeat but no sound,   are you? I miss you so much.


Message #9: 

The rose in the heart’s book was his, His dream was in his sleep at night, How much do you love us when we asked Will die without you this answer was theirs…good night my dear lover.


Message #10: 

It’s already night, sleep now Get lost in the thoughts of those who are close to the heart someone will be waiting for you Come meet them right in dreams.

Good Night Take Care Messages for Lover


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