Get well soon Messages for sick Friend

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Speedy Recovery Message

Message # 1:

I am very sorry to hear about your sudden sickness. Wish you a speedy recovery! Get well soon, my dear friend.


Message # 2:

It’s really so sad that you are not well. You are suffering from a long time. We can feel you, friend. Get Well Soon!


Message # 3:

We hope our love, prayers, and wishes are enough to recovery sooner.


Message # 4:

Take care of yourself keep rest and get well soon!


Message #5:

I’m sorry to hear you are unwell. I will be always ready for you if you need any help any time. Get well soon dear with full of energy and laughter.


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Message # 6:

We are praying every moment to the Lord for your getting well soon. We are waiting to receive you warmly.


Message # 7:

Dear friend, we are informed about your illness. Without you, we feel so boring! Wishing your fast recovery!


Message # 8:

We missed all the gossips we had together. Get well fast and come back among us.


Message # 9:

We all of us miss you so much among us. We pray to Almighty that you get well soon and come back in no time.


Message #10:

My dear buddy, my prayers and love go to your speedy recovery. I’m sure you will come back in no time. Wish you all the best.

Speedy Recovery Message


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