When you have suffered a loss, it can be difficult to find the appropriate words to express your grief. Sometimes, it is hard to find the words we wish to say to those who are no longer here, to help us say farewell. To help, we’ve compiled some example messages to assist you in writing your own card to accompany your funeral tribute. Our suggested funeral messages are there as a guide and can be customised as you wish.

Message #1:

I can hear your news of death of your grandfather.  Really it is great pathetic matter for you. Hope you can reduce you sorrow as soon as possible.


Message #2:

You have on Great Grief after your grandfather died. You pass very critical moment now. Hope you can overcome your sorrow quickly.


Message #3:

None can live in the world forever.  Everybody has gone from this World today or tomorrow.  So my friend I only say you please, keep patience at this situation.


Message #4:

The life is very short.  Everyone should go from the beautiful world. I pray for your grandfather so that he gets happy rest of life.


Message #5:

Dear friend, I can understand you fact.  Nothing to say at this stage.  I only say you, do pray for your grandfather.

Message #6:

In short life, there is no specific date, when one dies, any time anyone can die in life.  Who we remain, we only pray for them.


Message #7:

Your pathetic moment is unbearable.  But you have to be patient at this moment. If you be weak now, how can bear your family member.


Message #8:

Nothing to say to give solaces you.  You to pass the moment with sorrow. But, I hope the loss you can make quickly by being patient.


Message #9:

No way of you gets back which you lost. Because who is gone, gone forever.  So we are very pathetic at this moment with you. Friend, hopefully you can overcome easily.


Message #10:

You grandfather was a great person.  He was very friendly with us.  I can’t forget his face, his smile.  I know you pass very pathetic moment now.  Please, don’t upset.  You pray for his happy moment rest of the life.