Friendship proposal quotes

Friendship Proposal Messages are messages that are sent to a person to propose for friendship or any other mutual bond. Such messages are exchanged between friends to offer or recommend something to them during their friendship. has a great unique collection of best wishes, message, quotes, SMS, text message, notes, image, greetings. The best site for free readymade sample messages, wishes and quotes to wish. The excellent examples of wishes, message & quotes. To get your desired wishes, message, quotes and greetings you just click on

Proposal Messages for Friendship

Message #1

I had always wanted to make a girl as a friend, who is as beautiful as you are! I hope you just don’t mind in being my friend!


Message #2

I want a friend with whom I can share my deepest secrets. I think, you will be a best person to be called as a friend, without any regrets. So can I be your friend?


Message #3

I think you need a friend who can understand? Why are you searching for someone else when I am ready to be with you till the very end? Can we be good friends?


Message #4

I think we should be friends with each other because I can no longer stay as strangers. Please be friends with me?


Message #5

May I have this opportunity to call you as my friend? May I proudly confess to the world that you will stand with me till the end? I just want to hear a yes from you, dearest friend!


Message #6

I want to be your friend forever. Accept my friendship and make me the happiest and luckiest person.


Message #7

Hey girl! When I saw you for the first time I was like what a great creation of god. Accept being my friend. Please…


Message #8

I want to establish ways of communication between us. Hope will get a positive response. Accept my friendship proposal.


Message #9

I am warning you! You will not get a friend as handsome as I am. So reserve me in advance.


Message #10

I need a friend with whom I can share everything even my deepest secrets. Are you interested in being my friend?

Proposal Messages for Friendship


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