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Fixtures of FIFA World Cup 2022

Giovani Dos Santos:

“The dream of every footballer and why we train and work is to reach the top, and a World Cup is the top.” 



“The World Cup is a very important way to measure the good players, and the great ones. It is a test of a great player.” 


Lionel Messi:

“You have to show up in the World Cup, and in the World Cup anything can happen.” 



“To go to a World Cup is a dream come true, and I can claim to have experienced that four times.” 



“I will be a World Cup winner.” 



“You can’t win the World Cup without playing the big boys.” 


Aaron Mooy:

“Every game at the World Cup is like a final.” 


Julen Lopetegui:

“To win the World Cup, you win it one bit at a time.”  


Michael Owen:

“There’s nothing quite like a World Cup.” 


Martin Jacques:

“The World Cup is not just a great global sporting event, it is also inscribed with much deeper cultural and political importance.”  


Kylian Mbappe

“I’ve always said the World Cup is a dream for any player.”  


Kevin De Bruyne

“When you’re part of a World Cup, it’s always now or never.” 


Juan Mata:

“Winning the World Cup is something that will always be inside your mind and inside your body.” 


Christian Pulisic:

“The World Cup is as big as it gets.” 


Carles Puyol:

“Every player dreams of winning the World Cup, and there are very few who are fortunate enough to actually do it.” 



“The World Cup is the ultimate moment for any player. It is the opportunity to defend your country in the biggest tournament in the world and the moment the whole world will watch you play.”


Romelu Lukaku:

“If you can’t play under pressure, you shouldn’t be at a World Cup.” 


Robbie Keane:

“We have a great sense of togetherness. It is our team spirit that has taken us to this World Cup.”  


Fabbio Cannavaro:

“When you win the World Cup, you start to become a legend – for the people around the world, you are different.” 



“When there is a World Cup the world stops, the country stops, everyone is hugging each other, whether old or young, everyone stops just to enjoy the football.” 


Julie Ertz:

“The World Cup has been life-changing, for many reasons.” 


Ali Daei:

“The World Cup is every footballer’s dream.” 


Dale Steyn:

“In a World Cup you don’t have anywhere to hide.” 


Andrea Pirlo:

“I spent the afternoon of Sunday 9 July, 2006 in Berlin sleeping and playing the PlayStation. In the evening, I went out and won the World Cup.” 


Nikita Parris:

“Scoring a goal for England is special. Scoring in a World Cup is even more special.” 


Leroy Sane:

“When I watched the World Cup, I had the feeling that I wanted to be there.” 



“At the World Cup, everyone has to face up and beat everyone.” 


Full fixtures of FIFA World Cup 2022

Group Stage:

Date Match Time
November 20 Qatar vs Ecuador 10:00 pm
November 21 England vs Iran 07:00 pm
November 21 Senegal vs Netherlands 10:00 pm
November 22 USA vs Wales 1:00 am
November 22 Denmark vs Tunisia 07:00 pm
November 23 France vs Australia 01:00 am
November 22 Mexico vs Poland 10:00 pm
November 22 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia 04:00 pm
November 23 Spain vs Costa Rica 10:00 pm
November 24 Belgium vs Canada 01:00 am
November 23 Germany vs Japan 07:00 pm
November 23 Morocco vs Croatia 04:00 pm
November 24 Uruguay vs South Korea 07:00 pm
November 24 Portugal vs Ghana 10:00 pm
November 24 Switzerland vs Cameroon 04:00 pm
November 25 Brazil vs Serbia 1:00 am
November 26 England vs USA 01:00 am
November 25 Qatar vs Senegal 07:00 pm
November 25 Wales vs Iran 04:00 pm
November 25 Netherlands vs Ecuador 10:00 pm
November 26 Poland vs Saudi Arabia 07:00 pm
November 27 Argentina vs Mexico 01:00 am
November 26 Tunisia vs Australia 04:00 pm
November 26 France vs Denmark 10:00 pm
November 27 Belgium vs Morocco 07:00 pm
November 28 Spain vs Germany 01:00 am
November 27 Croatia vs Canada 10:00 pm
November 27 Japan vs Costa Rica 04:00 pm
November 28 Brazil vs Switzerland 10:00 pm
November 28 South Korea vs Ghana 07:00 pm
November 28 Cameroon vs Serbia 04:00 pm
November 29 Portugal vs Uruguay 1:00 am
November 29 Netherlands vs Qatar 09:00 pm
November 30 Wales vs England 01:00 am
November 29 Ecuador vs Senegal 09:00 pm
November 30 Iran vs USA 1:00 am
November 30 Australia vs Denmark 09:00 pm
November 30 Tunisia vs France 09:00 pm
December 1 Saudi Arabia vs Mexico 01:00 am
December 1 Poland vs Argentina 1:00 am
December 2 Japan vs Spain 01:00 am
December 1 Croatia vs Belgium 09:00 pm
December 2 Costa Rica vs Germany 01:00 am
December 1 Canada vs Morocco 09:00 pm
December 2 Ghana vs Uruguay 09:00 pm
December 2 South Korea vs Portugal 09:00 pm
December 3 Serbia vs Switzerland 01:00 am
December 3 Cameroon vs Brazil 1:00 am


 2nd Round (Knockout Stage)

Date Match Time
December 3 A1 vs B2 09:00 pm
December 4 C1 vs D2 01:00 am
December 4 D1 vs C2 09:00 pm
December 5 B1 vs A2 01:00 am
December 5 E1 vs F2 09:00 pm
December 6 G1 vs H2 01:00 am
December 6 F1 vs E2 09:00 pm
December 7 H1 vs G2 01:00 am



Sl. Date Match Time
1 December 9 E1 vs F2 Winner vs G1 vs H2 Winner 09:00 pm
2 December 10 A1 vs B2 Winner vs C1 vs D2 Winner 01:00 am
3 December 10 F1 vs E2 Winner vs H1 vs G2 Winner 09:00 pm
4 December 11 B1 vs A2 Winner vs D1 vs C2 Winner 01:00 am



Date Match Time
December 14 Winners of Quarter-finals 1 & 2 01:00 am
December 15 Winners of Quarter-finals 3 & 4 01:00 am


Third Place Decider:

December 17, 09:00 pm; Losers of two Semi-finals.



December 18, 09:00 pm; Winners of two Semi-finals

Fixtures of FIFA World Cup 2022

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