Farewell party invitation message for friend

Farewells are a great moment of joy as well as sadness for life as we embark on a new journey leaving behind what we were for so long. Be it our country, be it our school or college or anything. Farewells are celebrated with lots of joy and we are wished for a well future and prosperity and hence we all celebrate on this behalf of great moment as one of our friend leaves us all only to unite us all and make us proud. We see dreams and have hopes in him/her that one day when he/she will get success then they’ll surely return to us.

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Farewell party invitation message


Come be a part of the grand celebration of our (name)’s farewell party and make this day special for him/her and all of us.



let’s make this once in a lifetime moment special for him/her as our boy/girls gets a warm farewell from us today and hence you are invited to enjoy as well.



………………..we would be happiest if you lend us your presence on the farewell party of (name), and join the party we organized.



_don’t miss this beautiful party on behalf of the farewell party of (name) and we gladly invite you to be a part if this celebration



_lets wish our beloved (name) a warm farewell as we hope for her prosperous future, and hence you bare invited to celebrate on (date time add place)



let’s celebrate this day with all our hearts as it’s the farewell party on behalf of (name) graduating from (institution name) on (date time and place)



To a special friend, inviting you to the farewell party at my place this Tuesday. Let’s all join for bidding farewell to our loved friend who is moving base to a new place.



_a moment like this only comes once in life as we give the warmest farewell to our beloved (name) and hence we invite you a party held on this behalf



we require your presence on the graduation party held on behalf of (name)’s farewell as the last batch from (institution name) and hence leave a memorable day worth remembering



This text carries farewell party invitation for my friend who lives nearby. Come and join me in bidding farewell to our colleague as she retires from service.

Farewell party invitation message


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