In the current dire situation, we just need to hope to survive through this epidemic. Create a positive environment around you with the coronavirus message of hope and optimism. Send coronavirus greetings and coronavirus WhatsApp messages to your family and friends that promise to bring some hope in this negative environment. Show everyone the light of hope in this stressful time with the Covid-19 message and the coronavirus message of hope. We have come up with an excellent collection of coronavirus messages and greetings. Greet everyone around you with a coronavirus WhatsApp status message that promises to bring some positivity in the midst of all negativity.

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Message #1:

Let us wake up one day and not threaten us with all the freedom to get back to our original routine without our coronavirus.


Message #2:

In this time of deep darkness and hardship, I pray that we all survive against the coronavirus and that we become victorious against this threat to the world.


Message #3:

If we stay together, we can fight any challenge in this world. Coronavirus is just a threat, unless we stand together in the fight against it.


Message #4:

The only mantra to stay safe in the current situation is that it is very important for us to know how to stay safe. Let us be safe and survive.


Message #5:

Coronavirus has made us all realize that good things in life do not come naturally and that if we want our freedom to survive, we must fight against it.


Message #6:

We went so far with our lives, the freedom we had and in the time of the coronavirus, we knew we needed to be more responsible, punctual.


Message #7:

Since the whole world has come together against the fight against coronavirus, we are definitely going to win this fight.


Message #8:

All we need is a little more patience, a little more dedication and one day the world will get rid of the coronavirus.


Message #9:

Staying at home is the only way to fight coronavirus. Stay home today and tomorrow will be an amazingly bright and happy day.


Message #10:

The day is not far away when we will move forward in our lives without any hindrance. Let’s fight the Corona virus together.