Congratulations message for new baby boy

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Wishes for new born Baby Boy

Wish #1

My biggest congratulations to you on the warmest arrival of your cute prince. May God bless you and your angel forever.


Wish #2

A warmest Congratulations you, guys!  Best wishes for your cute prince with an extraordinary amount of love, kindness and care.


Wish #3

May your baby be blessed with good health, prosperity, love and laughter. Congratulations dear!


Wish #4

Congratulations to the lucky parents of such a sweet baby!


Wish #5

Congratulations on your new arrival of cute prince to the family. I can’t wait to see and give my love!


Wish #6

Wishing and heartfelt congratulations on the addition of your new baby! Can’t wait to meet!


Wish #7

Your new baby makes a superb addition to your family. May his sweet smiling face make your world sweeter every moment.


Wish #8

Welcome to restless days as you care for your new baby. It’s a miracle made of cute prince smiles, hugs, and lots of love.


Wish #9

A warm congratulations on becoming parents; he is truly a cute and cute prince.


Wish #10

No doubt your baby is as beautiful as he got a beautiful parents. Congratulations!


Wish #11

Awesome. Congratulations. May Almighty Allah bless to our little Prince and his parents.


Wish #12

Almighty blessed you a boy. May Almighty Allah give him a safe and successful Journey on the Earth.


Wish #13

Alhamdulillah. Lots of Dua for the Prince. Congratulations to you and  your wife. Please do best Care of them.


Wish #14

Alhamdulillah. Best wishes for cute baby and your family. May Almighty Allah give him a safe and successful Journey on the Earth.


Wish #15

Congratulations dear for being proud father. May Almighty Allah bless to our cute prince and his parents.

Wishes for new born Baby Boy
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