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10 Muharram or Ashura Known as Day of Ashura was a day in which even the heavenly angles wept for Hussain (PBUH), the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson. The second most holy month after Ramadan, Muharram is a month with more serious connotations and traditionally isn’t one for celebration. Sunni Muslims commemorate the day as the time when Moses and his people overcame the Pharaoh, choosing to fast on this day. Shia Muslims will celebrate the day differently, instead commemorating the martyrdom of Hussein, who died at the battle of Karbala. 9th Muharram and 10th Muharram Both Days Are Celebrated by the People of Muslim Counties Across The world. In this Post, I have Share my Best Favorite Ashura Quotes, Messages.

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Day of Ashura or 10 Muharram Messages Wishes Prayers & Quotes

Message #1:

“May Allah accept our fast on the day of Ashura and forgive the sins for the year that went before”.


Message #2:

“Ashura is the day in which truth prevailed over falsehood. Prophet Musa (Peace Be Upon Him) crossed the sea while Pharaoh drowned. The truth will always prevail.”


Message #3:

“It is sunnah to fast on the day of Ashura so don’t forget to fast on the day of Ashura.”


Message #4:

“Fasting on the day of Ashura expiates the sins of the previous year.”

Day of Ashura or 10 Muharram Messages Wishes Prayers & Quotes

Message #5:

“Fasting on the day of Ashura (the tenth day) is highly recommended. It would be better if you fast a day before it and after it as well along with Ashura.”


Message #6:

“May Allah accept the deeds of those fasting on the blessed day of Ashura and may Allah given another chance to those who couldn’t.”-Sheekh Shibli


Message #7:

“The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: ‘The best of fasting after Ramadan is fasting Allah’s month of Muharram.” (Sahih Muslim)

Day of Ashura or 10 Muharram Messages Wishes Prayers & Quotes

Message #8:

“Those who worship God for the hope of gaining, they’re not real worshipers, they’re merchants. Those who worship God out of fear (of punishment), they’re slaves. And those who worship God to be grateful towards their creator, they are the free people, and their worship is a real one. ”


Message #9:

“Beware that the need of people to you is among the blessings of God to you. So do not scare away the needy people when they come to you, as the God’s blessings will return and go elsewhere. ”


Message #10:

It gives you Goosebumps, it shivers your soul and body and eventually, the heart softens and tears roll out as the crescent of Muharram appears on the horizon. Labbaik Ya Hussain (AS) – Labbaik Ya Hussain (AS).

Day of Ashura or 10 Muharram Messages Wishes Prayers & Quotes

Message #11:

A million Voices, One Name, Hussain (as), Labaik Ya Hussain. Respect this month. Every day is Ashura. Every day is Karbala.


Message #12:

1443 years later and the legacy of Imam Hussain still lives on despite the many efforts of tyrants to destroy and bury his name. Truth will always prevail over falsehood LABAIK YA HUSSAIN.


Message #13:

Muharram 1443 Hijri– Ya Allah, we ask You for forgiveness and wellness in our religion and in our worldly affairs, in our families and in our properties


Message #14:

Always keep the door open for everybody to change, never close the door on anyone. Even if the person doesn’t look religious and doesn’t look like they pray. Because One day, they may change like Hurr ibn Yazid Al-Riyahi who changed on the 10th of Muharram. #Hussain Is For All.

Day of Ashura or 10 Muharram Messages Wishes Prayers & Quotes

Message #15:

Muharram is almost here. Don’t call it the month of “SHIA” only. The tragedy of Karbala happened with the holy family of Prophet. “Hussayn is from me and I am from him” -Prophet Muhammad


Message #16:

Labbaik Ya Hussain. Labbaik Ya Abbass. Labbaik Ya Zahra. May we see a peaceful Muharram, with tolerance and harmony.


Message #17:

The sun of Dhul Hijjah sets whilst the moon of Muharram rises. Time will continue to move forward but your sacrifice will live on for eternity. Labayk Ya Hussain!

Ashura or 10 Muharram Messages Wishes Prayers & Quotes


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