Apology message to boss

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Sorry Messages for Boss

Message # 1:

I’ve put the company in an embarrassing light. I am sorry this happened. I can turn things around to our favor, I promise.


Message # 2:

My poor presentation did not impress our client which I admit. I am sorry for the blunder. I should have prepared more. It won’t happen again.


Message # 3:

I want to blame our supplier for the delay in shipment, but when I reviewed our correspondents, it was a lapse in judgment on my part. I’m sorry for this event. I will be more diligent next time.


Message # 4:

It was a total oversight on my part regarding the maintenance of our copier machine. I’m sorry about this. I’ve already arranged for the service of the machine first thing in the morning tomorrow.


Message # 5:

I am really sorry that I delivered such a poor performance at the meeting. Please forgive me. I will not repeat such mistakes.


Message # 6:

I will try my level best not to commit such silly mistakes in the future. Please accept my apology.


Message # 7:

Please accept my hearty apology for not being able to submit the project report on time.


Message # 8:

Sorry Sir for not being on time for the meeting. I assure you that this will not happen again.


Message # 9:

My lenient reports this year has led to serious deficient in the budget of the company. Please trust my abilities one last time and I will prove my worth. Sorry Boss.


Message # 10:

I am extremely sorry boss for the way I behaved with you on the last day. I shouldn’t have been that rude with you. Please accept my apologies boss.

Sorry Messages for Boss


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