AFL player birthday greetings

Footballers are one of the most entertaining one in the whole world. They bring lots of joy, fan and amusement around the whole world among the people. Everyone has the most favourite football player whom you like most and follow deeply. Who is your favorite footballer and what would you love to do for him if given a chance to share his birthday? Though you may not know them personally, it is amazing to send out a birthday wishes message to him. has a great unique collection of best wishes, message, quotes, SMS, text message, notes, image, greetings. The best site for free readymade sample messages, wishes and quotes to wish. The excellent examples of wishes, message & quotes. To get your desired wishes, message, quotes and greetings just click on

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AFL player birthday message, wishes, quotes and greetings

Birthday Wish #1

I’m so happy to see you playing the most entertaining game. I like you so much and I enjoy watching your amazing goals. Happy Birthday my superhero.


Birthday Wish #2

I feel so fantastic when I’m watching you play. My joys have no boundary. You are so wonderful on the ball. Happy Birthday superstar.


Birthday Wish #3

There are so many players in the football world. But you are truly exceptional among all. Your so stylist playing wonder the whole Football lover. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!


Birthday Wish #4

Seeing you gives me more amusement. My love towards you is out of thinking. I wish for your long successful career. Happy Birthday my football world.


Birthday Wish #5

Wish you a very special happy birthday day my football superstars! I am your big fan and my emotion is so high towards you. I enjoy so much your every step of running and all fantastic goals.

Birthday Wish #6

Football is consider the biggest show of the world. And you are a big star of this show. Today is your birthday. In your birthday I wish you all the best.


Birthday Wish #7

My Football icon, you have reached the height position of the football world. You have achieved so many precious award. You every award gives me so happy. Happy Birthday!


Birthday Wish #8

Your style of football has brought joy around the whole football world. I wish you a long career in your sweet Birthday. Wish you a very warm Birthday, Great footballer.


Birthday Wish #9

Happy Birthday to the most talented footballer that has ever seen in the football world, I am a big fan of you. Happy birthday and enjoy your special year.


Birthday Wish #10

Some people are born star while some are made, I wanna tell you that you are born as a star and you have all the quality to reach the apex. Happy Birthday superhero football star.

Birthday Wish #11

Happy birthday to my favourite football player! Nothing can stop you from reaching your dream on the football field! Enjoy your day, idol!

Birthday Wish #12

Full of excitement and entertainment to watch your game, there are always lots of wonderful elements and twists in your game. I wish it grows with you every birthday and can never end. Happy Birthday! ….


Birthday Wish #13

Happy birthday! I hope the time will come soon for you to shine on the football field because you are so good to be part of your team. You’re actually better than some of the Premier League players …


Birthday Wish #14

Football is certainly a competitive sport. Congratulations on being one of the best footballers in the world. Your commitment and devotion has paid off. Happy birthday ….


Birthday Wish #15

Your victory is a celebration for me. Let’s celebrate your birthday together, probably in a different place and time but on the same day. Happy Birthday from the heart of your crazy fan.


Birthday Wish #16

Some people are born as stars and others are created. I want to let you know that today is the day where a great star was born and that is you. Happy birthday to my super star footballer friend! ……………


Birthday Wish #17

Someone’s sports career tends to be longer when family and loved ones are there to help and give full support. Today, I hope you know that we are never away from you. You are being surrounded by love. .Happy birthday to our great footballer ……..


Birthday Wish #18

When you attack the opponent’s goal area, the score is sure to stay. No one will be able to defeat you when you are in an attacking position. I wish I could be the best attacker like you. Happy Birthday Football Blaster……………..


Birthday Wish #19:

You are such a talented footballer. The way you play has made a lot of people happy. I hope you get many more years to play this game which you like very much. Happy birthday. Have an unforgettable celebration today……………


Birthday Wish #20

As an athlete, the footballer is one of the prestigious labels, and you are doing justice to this position by showing your potential and qualifications in the game. Greetings to all dear ones for your brilliant career. Happy Birthday……………………..…