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Message #1

A warm welcome and all my good wishes to you. I cannot wait to meet with you. I feel so excited to meet you.


Message #2

Spending time with you is more enjoyable than any other occasions. I gladly welcome you to be with us in my house.


Message #3

I have learned so many things from you. It’s my pleasure be great to have you with me, sharing the same journey. Welcome!


Message #4

The times we spend with you is always so special and a lot of joy. Knowing that you’ll be with us in this week, brings a big smile to our face. Welcome to us!


Message #5

Dear friend, welcome! Nothing was the same without you during your absence!

Message #6

Friend, I welcome you with abundant amusement in my office! You are so special one to me!


Message #7

Congratulations on behalf of our new chamber. We are sure that you are going to be a vital member among us.


Message #8

Nothing a good day I can’t think without you. You are such a friend in my life. Welcome, buddy!


Message #9

Welcome! I feel better every moment when we spend together, so let’s create more story!


Message #10

Welcome! We are over the moon to share quality time with you and make memories!

Message #11

We are really happy to see you with us. We are eagerly waited for this time of the year to you among us. Welcome to this happy family!


Message #12

My cordial welcome goes to you! Thank you for being with me for a long time and appreciating me all the time.


Message #13

We have eagerly waited a long period to have you among us. At last, the time has appeared. We are most warmly welcoming you to join us today!


Message #14

I’m so excited to welcome you to my new house. Your presence in my new house is nothing less than a big surprise to me.


Message #15

We are very delighted to welcome you after a long time. We strongly believe that you will do better and will help us to achieve our goal.

Message #16

To my new friend, I welcome you to a beautiful friendship with us and create sweet memories.


Message #17

I would have limited friendship to what I knew and experienced. But now with you I know there is more to it, welcome to my life, hoping to have you forever there.


Message #18

Welcome new friend to our group of close buddies. I look forward to you sharing good memories together in this lovely background we all live in.


Message #19

Welcome new friend, I hope you will enjoy the best and beautiful friendship relationship with me.


Message #20

I welcome the lovely new friend to the new neighbourhood. The locality has a beautiful park across the street and I would look forward to seeing you there for playtime.


Message #21

Welcome! I cherish every moment we spend together, so let’s create more memories!


Message #22

Welcome to our joyful group. We hope you have a long term strong association with us and our group and you avail the benefits of the group membership well.


Message #23

My new friend, I welcome you with abundant joy in my heart! You are so special to me!


Message #24

A very warm welcome to you! You are a wonderful person and I am so lucky to meet you.


Message #25

Welcome home my new friend. I wish you enjoy the warmth and love of your home and look forward to see more of you in coming years.


Message #26

Welcome back home my old friend; Even though we only share a rented room, staying here for a long week without you seemed so dull and lifeless. Hope you had a great time with your parents?


Message #27

I warmly welcome an old friend to our group; we’re sure he’s going to be a delightful person to share our moments with.


Message #28

Welcome a friend to my house, be comfortable and make my place feel like your own home until your parents come back. We will definitely have a great time together to share thoughts and things.


Message #29

I sincerely welcome you to thank me. You weren’t so formal with me because we don’t need any decorations of friendship; still, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you.


Message #30

You are always welcome friend; please feel free to let me know if you need any help in the future. Don’t hesitate because your problem is no less than mine.


Message #31

I welcome you with all my heart to my marriage. We share many invaluable memories of college days; so, on this important day in my life, I want you to be by my side.


Message #32

I warmly welcome all my friends to the opening of my first music compact disc. I could not have done it without your support; so, please come and boost my morale.


Message #33

I keep my old friends, and get older with them, but push young. It’s good to be surrounded by kids, because they keep you young.____Carine Roitfeld


Message #34

Welcome to you old friend. When I think of you I remember some of the best moments of life and find myself in a joy that is unmatched.


Message #35

New friends may be poems but old friends are alphabets. Don’t forget the alphabets because you will need them to read the poems. —William Shakespeare.


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