Retirement message to friend rewards his/her work and expresses happiness that ultimately time has come for the enjoyment. The words of the message express your emotion to your friend and wish him best of the luck for the future.


Message # 1:

Well, it finally happened. You are officially too old to work. May your retirement feel like the most amazing and longest vacation of your life. Don’t forget to work out and stay hydrated, bud. Happy retirement!


Message # 2:

I can’t believe we are this old. You may feel a little bit sad about your retirement, but I promise you it’s the best thing that has ever happened to you. I mean, the birth of your first child is great, but retirement is so much better. Have fun!


Message # 3:

Heaven is a place on Earth, and retirement is definitely a part of it. It can be a little bit scary at first, but we’ll figure out what to do with the amount of time that we have now. It’s time to watch cooking shows and play chess all day long. Happy retirement!


Message # 4:

My dream has come true. Now that you are retired, I will be annoying you with my presence every second of your life. We will have so much fun and feel young again, I promise. Prepare your old joints for new adventures. Happy retirement!


Message # 5:

It feels good to have some spare time, isn’t it? Reading books and watching documentaries may bring you as much joy as working. I know you will get used to being retired. I will help you with that, bud.


Message # 6:

Don’t be scared of retirement. It’s a perfect opportunity to start doing what you’ve always wanted to do. Do you want to skydive? Maybe you want to learn how to play trumpet? I’ll be there for you no matter what. Happy retirement, mate!


Message # 7:

Retirement doesn’t equal old. It just means that you are ready to enjoy your life and make every day special. I will be with you each step of the way. Let’s make this chapter of your life unforgettable!


Message # 8:

I have never thought that I will say that, but being old is not that bad. You don’t care about what people think and do whatever you want. Welcome to this amazing life! I know you will love it.


Message # 9:

I can’t believe you’ve finally retired. I’m so jealous of you! I hope you will enjoy your new amazing life and share your experiences with me. Happy retirement, buddy!


Message #10:

Now you can spend your entire life savings! I can’t wait to hear what you’re going to do with all that money. Will I be involved? I sure hope so. Anyway, may your retirement be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Congrats!