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Literacy for a human centered recovery quotes

Literacy for a human centered recovery quotes

International Literacy Day is celebrated every year on September 8th to raise awareness and concern about the existing literacy problem in our own local community as well as globally. International Literacy Day 2021 Covid-19 highlights literacy education and learning in crisis. Due to the closure of schools, educators are facing a lack of working conditions and unfair changes. This year, Literacy Day in the epidemic situation is dedicated to all those future and nation building heroes. has a great unique collection of best wishes, message, quotes, SMS, text message, notes, image, greetings. The best site for free readymade sample messages, wishes and quotes to wish. The excellent examples of wishes, message & quotes. To get your desired wishes, message, quotes and greetings just click on

Celebrations of the day in 2021

According to UNESCO this year International Literacy Day (ILD) 2021 will be celebrated under the theme “Literacy for a human-centred recovery: Narrowing the digital divide”. The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the learning of children, young people and adults at an unprecedented scale. It has also magnified the pre-existing inequalities in access to meaningful literacy learning opportunities, disproportionally affecting 773 million non-literate young people and adults. Youth and adult literacy were absent in many initial national response plans, while numerous literacy programmes have been forced to halt their usual modes of operation.

Message #1

Education is the door that opens a whole new world for you, explores, revives, and invents. Happy International Literacy Day


Message #2

Today is International Literacy Day! Share our passions and help shed light on the need for basic literacy skills. Help us write the future. Love learning.


Message #3

“Having common sense without education is much better than education without common sense. Best wishes on International Literacy Day.

Message #4

“The function of education is to teach one to think critically. Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.” –Martin Luther King Jr.


Message #5

Literacy begins at home! Read books and inspire your kids to do the same! Happy International Literacy Day!


Message #6

If you can read a signboard and get to the destination, thank your teacher. Happy International Literacy Day!


Message #7

Teaching is not a vessel filled, but a light of fire. Happy International Literacy Day!

Message #8

There are many small ways to make your child’s world bigger. Everyone’s love for books is the best. Happy International Literacy Day!


Message #9

Success in primary education comes when parents are involved! Happy International Literacy Day!


Message #10

If every nation can be educated, on the one hand, superstition and ignorance will be eradicated and on the other hand, it will become economically self-sufficient. May this be our pledge on International Literacy Day.  Happy International Literacy Day.

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