The death of the mother is the most heartbreaking event for everyone. It is really so difficult to understand the emotions. It is true that only the person who lost his mother can feel how heartbroken situation occur there. That’s why we often unable to express our heartiest condolence for them. There are some exemplary samples of condolence messages on the death of mother to offer the heartiest sympathy. It will be easy to condole someone who lost his/her mother.

Message # 1:

My heartiest condolence for you in such hard time. May God patience you and your family in such difficult moment. May your mother rest in Peace.


Message # 2:

A good person like your mother deserves a good place in heaven. May her soul rest in peace. My condolence always is with you. God bless you and your family in this hard time.


Message # 3:

God is the best deviser and I hope your mother is now heaven. Feeling of your difficult times. Please accept my condolences on her unexpected death.


Message # 4:

My heart feels very sad for hearing the news of your mother death. I feel your heart broken sorrow. But it’s the go of the world. May your mother rest in peace.


Message # 5:

The sudden death of your mom makes us so sad. I hope my prayers give you the strength to deal with the sorrows. Take my condolence.



Message # 6:

My heartiest condolence for your dearest mom sudden death. My God receives your mom in heaven.


Message # 7:

Almighty takes away those whom He favour most. So your mother is one of the luckiest ones. Let us all pray for rest in peace.


Message # 8:

It’s the go of the world that everyone must die. Your mother was a nice person and she did his part very well. May she meet god in the heaven.

Message # 9:

May Allah gives you the strength to bear your mother sudden lost. This lost can’t be recovered for anyway. But Almighty knows everything as He is the best planner. May almighty grant her Heaven/Jannat.


Message # 10:

My dear friend, please take our heartiest condolence. The loss of the mother is so heavy. We are always with you whatever happens in life. Our dearest aunt will always in our prayer. Let’s pray for her departed soul.